Open wednesday to Sunday 10:00 - 15:00

Also open on Bank Holidays


  • Whole 
    • Cooked
    • Live     
  • Dressed/picked
    • ‘Classic’ in a shell  
    • Portion pots of white meat
    •  Portion pots of mixed white/brown meat


  • Whole 
    • Cooked
    • Live                         

Crab sandwich on either white or granary bread – Simply served with a little parsley, lemon, mayonnaise, salt & pepper.

Lobster roll made to the classic 'Maine' recipe with chopped lobster, diced celery, a little lettuce, mayonnaise, lemon salt, pepper & paprika.


Also available



Still & sparkling water

Lemons & limes

Red Chillies

BFC mugs