who we are

BFC was established back in 2005, the year after the floods in Boscastle. Back then we were catching crab and lobster out of Boscastle Harbour, and in 2014 we opened our little shop up the quay. Our skipper, Scott, has been with us from the start, and he goes out on the boat, Beeny, during the summer months to bring fresh catch in for the shop each day. 

We have seawater holding tanks to keep the catch fresh, and make crab sandwiches and lobster rolls every day from noon. Our food is tasty and sustainable, and we've been rated one of the best food destinations in Boscastle. 

I’ve eaten lobster roll in Boston, Rhode Island and Maine USA and this place tops the lot!
— TripAdvisor Review, 2016

our history

Our shop is in The Rocket Store (also widely known as The Rocket House) which was built in 1898 to replace a smaller stone building near the bridge. These Rocket Stores are to be found all around the coast and were used to house Life Saving Apparatus (LSA).


Boscastle LSA was Station number 29 – by the 20th century there were over 300 stations around the coastline.  This station was closed in the 1980s when the new garage for a modern Land Rover was built near Harbour Cottage.

The cart, laden with its life-saving equipment, and manned by the local crew would find their way to the closest point – then equipment could be taken further in a hand cart.  The line would be set and a ‘breeches buoy’ harness was used to bring crewmembers ashore.


In 1807 Cornishman Henry Trengrouse invented a system to use a rocket to fire a rope from shore to a stranded ship.  A cradle was then used to bring ashore the crew.  The equipment was moved using a horse-drawn cart and the horses were hired each time a rescue was mounted.  

 Many thanks to Ann & Rod Knight for many of the images here – for more information contact the Boscastle Archive – anne@boscastle-online.co.uk